img_9736Born and raised in Sydney, Australia, it wasn’t until Maev Kerri began travelling to NYC that she became captivated by photography.

Inspired by Herman Leonard, Jim Marshall and Anton Corbijn, Maev Kerri’s work primarily focuses on black and white portraits of blues, jazz and folk musicians as part of an ongoing collection.

Using backlighting to create striking silhouette black and white portraits, Maev Kerri aims to show a soulful intimacy behind each musician, often capturing considered and quiet moments on the stage.

Maev Kerri is also known for capturing raw, black and white street photography of NYC, Boston, Philadelphia, Chicago, San Francisco and New Orleans. Her street photography captures the movement of people as they travel through their expansive landscapes, in a style similar to Jim Marshall’s famous portraits of Bob Dylan in Greenwich Village in the 60s.

Primarily photographing with a Nikon, she also enjoys working with vintage cameras, including a Ricoh Super 44 and Voigtländer Vito CLR.

While most of her photography is shot on location, Maev Kerri continues to call Sydney home.


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